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The most important rule

One simple guidelines should cover all of your posts

  • be helpful, polite, considerate, and respectful of others, just as you would like others to be.

Other rules and guidelines

  • Courtesy: Treat others with courtesy. Avoid insults, profanity, "shouting" (LIKE THIS!!!), racial, ethnic, cultural, or other forms of intolerance, or any form of harassment. Do not purposely provoke or annoy other members.
  • On-topic: Keep your posts relevant to the topic of the thread. If if you have a different topic to discuss, start a new thread in the appropriate forum.
  • Advertising: Use of the forums for commercial advertising is prohibited, as is using the forums for any other form of personal or business profit or gain, or to promote a particular commercial business or service. If you want to announce a promote a fundraiser related to bone marrow failure diseases, check with an administrator first.
  • Proselytizing: forums is not the place to try to persuade others of your particular political or religious beliefs. Each of us is entitled to make those personal decisions for ourselves, and to have those choices respected. The same applies to controversial topics such as stem cell research and euthanasia.
  • Free speech: The rules are not designed to censor opinions or promote the views of the site owners. However, keep in mind that you are a guest on a private website, so we reserve the right to remove content that interefers with the goals of the site.
  • Re-registration: If your membership is canceled, you may not re-register under another name.

If you have questions or comments about the Forum Rules, see the Contact page.